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Prime Forms


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CalHFA Dream For All Program

Forms (Click to Access)
CalHFA Lock Desk Request Form
CalHFA Pre-Registration Form

Submission Forms & Checklists

Forms (Click to Download)Comments
Prime Submission FormNow Pre-Populated in the Broker Portal. Click “Prime Submission Form” after Registering Your Loan Please include with each submission
4506-CReplaces 4506-T form
Borrower’s AuthorizationMust be LendingPros Form – Please include with each submission
Closing Disclosure ChecklistPlease include with each submission

FHA/VA Forms & Resources

Forms (Click to Download)COMMENTS
FHA Case Number RequestFHA Case Number is ordered by LP Required for Refinance Only)
VA Appraisal Order Form
Veteran’s Certification for Reserves & National Guard
FHA Lender ID: 2099600001
VA Lender ID: 1699170000

Condo Forms

Forms (Click to Download)
Conventional Full Condo Project Review Checklist
Condominium Requirements
FHA Condo Loan Level/Single Unit Approval Questionnaire
Condo HOA Full Review
Condo HOA Limited Review

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